Monday, December 8, 2008

Well, I'm back! I jsut thought I'd give a quick update, I'll post pics later.
Jason had surgery, all went well, his shoulder is doing great. He did get a minor
infection and a itchy rash 2 weeks after, but all is well now.

Madison Joy turned 9 years old. She had a fun party at the Movies with her
friends and a family party at home.

I stepped on a piece of plastic ( I think) and it broke off in my foot, I hobbled
around for a week before I couldn't stand it any more. I went to the Doctor and they
numbed my foot (yeooowch!) and opened up the cut and dug around in it, she
found a small something in it and that was it. Cameron prayed for my foot and
low and behold, today it felt much better!

The Girls played beautiful Christmas songs at the Concert on Saturday

Well I think that is all for now. Pictures will come soon!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I just want to say how thankful I am for my life. Life is truly beautiful. Sometimes I find myself gripping about the little things that go wrong, or just the every day things of life with four kids, but I have so much, and the good out weighs the bad by so much.
I figure, you can take the hard things and be mad and frustrated, or you can take the good and run with it. I admire people who do that, who take life as it comes and deal with it in a positive way, I really hope to be there some day. But in the meantime, while I am working on that, my life is good, great, wonderful!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Captain Jack!

This is a LADY in our ward, she has been dressing as
Captain Jack for Halloween for a few years. She is the best ever.
She really looks the part and can act the part too! Everyone that sees her
is blown away at how authentic she looks. p.s. I asked her permission to post her pics on my blog.

Belated Halloween Pics

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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Fuzzy Feety Jammies

I know I already posted twice today, playing catch-up I guess.
I just think that they all look so cute in their Jammies, they are so sweet and snuggly, I just want to squish them!

Las Vegas

Excalibur Hotel where we sayed.
Me and my Aunt Leeann who lives down in Vegas, she treated me to lunch and we walked around and chatted at her house. Below is a picture of the flowers on the celling at the Bellagio.

Last week I got to go with Jason to Las Vegas.
He had to go for work and I begged him to take me with him. I had never been to Vegas before and it was very..hmmm, shocking to say the least. Quite a bit different than our quiet little life. Jason kept asking me if I was okay as we were walking down the strip. :) It was fun and nice to have a break. I think I spent more time in bed reading than I have in 8 years. (Thanks to my Mom- in- law for taking all the kids for the 4 days, it was no small task, I know!)


This is Bailey before her first game.

Bailey running after the ball.
Bailey really loves to play soccer. Her team has yet to win a game, but they are having a great time playing.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Living On a Prayer.

My kids say some pretty funny things, I don't always write them down or remember them. Today, two of my darling kids said some pretty funny things, I thought I would share them!
Cameron has been having trouble taking naps the last few months, but I try to have a quiet time every day. So I put him in his room today and said he could read his books, but he needed to stay in his room. For all of you who know Cameron, this is a difficult task for him. I have to keep putting him back in his room. At one point I went down to do some laundry, when I came back up, he was laying in the hall with his face in his hands, I went to pick him up and take him back to his room but he looked up at me and said "Wait mom, I'm praying"! I just said, "okay, pray in your room."

We have been having a few problems with complaining in our house for a little while, I have been talking to the girls about it and having FHE lessons about it ( any advice is welcome) any way, today after school I was letting Bailey play with some play-dough. I told her it was time to clean it up and I was preparing my self for a whole bunch of complaining. Instead, she said "Okay" I was so happy that I told her how happy it makes me when she doesn't complain. She went on to say, "I know, because when I complain, it makes you have to go and PRAY in your room." I said, as I was laughing, "it sure does."

Saturday, August 30, 2008

We went to the Copper mines last weekend. Connor loves the backpack, but his legs are getting too long for it.
The kids thought the huge tire was the greatest thing ever!

Bailey and Maddie looking down into the pit. Cameron loved the big huge trucks, he could have stayed and watched them all day. Bailey liked the museum exibits and Maddie liked the science stuff, like looking at the rock and stones through the microscopes.

Life and times of the Attebury's

All dressed up for churchChurch makes me tired!

Connor has a glow worm that he loves named Lovey.
He always brings it to me with a blanket, signing
please. So I wrap it up nice and tight. Today I
wrapped Connor up just like Lovey

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Let's play tag! Olympic 8's

In honor of the Olympic opening ceremony held on 8-8-08 here are my 8's...
*8 TV shows I love to watch: Jon and Kate plus eight, Extreem Home Makeover, Good Things Utah, Oprah, Ellen, Lazytown, Backyardagains Signing Time. (hey, I have kids!)
*8 restaurants I love: Olive Garden, Naborhood Bakery, Subway, Panda Express, Mimi's, Famous Daves, Leatherby's, Apolo Burger.
*8 things I am doing today: Getting 2 girls off to school by 8:15, Cleaning up the house, folding the laundry, supervising Cameron's playdate, making fruit salad for after school snack, taking the girls to piano lessons, eating dinner with my mom, getting 4 kids off to bed by 8:15.
*8 things I am looking forward to: Fall! Kim's Wedding, getting the kids and myself Fall/winter clothes, a possible trip with my husband, school parties with the girls classes, Making bread and soup, Fall, and did I mention Fall? I love Fall.
*8 things I love about summer: Having the kids home, cold treats, the fourth of July/Taylorsville Dayzz, bbq's, Watching the kids play outside and get good and dirty, vacations, and bare feet.
*8 Olympic events I want to see: gymnastics, Swimming, cycling, Diving, volleyball, all track events. ( that counts for 8 I'd say.)
*8 Things on my wish list: New clothes for fall, to get to take a trip with my husband, without the kids, to redo my bathrooms, to paint my up-stairs and my bedroom, for my husband not to have to travel soooo much, to go to San Deigo, to loose 10 lbs, for Maddie's ecxema to get better.
Wow, That took longer than I thought it would!
Okay so I'm tagging: Audrey, Liz, and Christin, (only if you want to.)

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

School Days

Sorry these are in the wrong order, but this is Cam's
first day of Pre-school, his class getting ready to go. He was
so exited that he got to be the first in line.

Maddie started Third grade, so far so good, she likes it a lot! Her teacher
had a death in the family on the second day of school so she was gone for a week. She says her class is a little bit bad, but not Maddie (course not!) :)

Cam again with his back-pack that is so big it almost touches his shoes.
He loves that he can be a big kid like his sisters.

Bailey started First grade. She loves it.
She likes eating lunch at school, but has been a
little on the grumpy side when she gets home. She gets really
tired, it's getting a little less though as the days go by she's
adjusting well.

What happens when you have Big Sisters?

Well, Bailey and Madison decided to play Ballet class with Cameron the other day. That's what happens when you have sisters. If you ask Cameron what sport he want's to play he will usually say dancing. I know this makes Jason a little upset, but what can you do? We will be enrolling Cameron in soccer as soon as possible :). Bailey tells us what happens when you have a baby brother at the end of the video.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Boys in the Backyard

Connor is in love with his swing, it's all
he wants to do when he's in the backyard,
Swing, swing, swing.

Cam, just chillin on the swing.

Whoa! Look mom, I'm up higher.

My Baseball Boy. Yes, I set this up, but it was too
cute to resist!

We went to the Days of 47 float preview today. I forgot my camera so I don't have any pics, but my mom took a few. You can see them on her blog right now, just go to my mom and dad link!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Cam Sings-ABC's/I am a child of God

Horseback riding at the Marsings

Maddie just about died when we told her
what we were going to do, she has been
dreaming about this for a long time. She
Cried and hugged the horses when we left.

Bailey riding with Grammy, She loved it!

What a beautiful place!

Cameron riding with Grammy.

Connor was not impressed by the horses.
He liked eating the dirt much better.

Bailey's Swimming update

Here is the HAPPY girl at the pool!

Jump,Bailey, Jump

Float, Bailey, float

Yeah for me!

Monday, June 30, 2008

Memory Monday-Wedding Day

I have been married to Jason for ten years. Our Wedding day was really nice, despite getting separated for almost an hour because of the many weddings that day (64 to be exact) We had a great lunch at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building, and a nice recepiton at a church. It was such a great day. Now we have four lovely children and I could not be happier! The past ten years have been great, we have had our up's and downs of course, but I would not change a single moment. Jason is a great husband and father. I hope we will have many more years of love, fun, and happiness!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Memory Monday--Disney World!

Maddie Bailey and Tigger

The Animal Kingdom Safari Ride

Breakfast with Alice!

The Grand Floridian where we stayed.

I will always remember our trip to Diney world,
we had a wonderful time. I was pregnant with Connor at the time
so I was a little sick and I could not ride all the rides. I did miss my
Cameron so much while I was gone, but he was being well loved at Grammy's house. I hope some day we will go back with the boys. I also want to go on all the fun rides I missed out on.

It's summer time!

Cameron and Connor playing on the bed.

Cameron just learned to ride the trike.
He tells me everyday that he can go faster
than the girls.

Bailey just learned to ride on two wheels.
Go Bailey!

This is the first day of swimming lessons.
I will post a picture on the last day and see how
different they are ( if they are different at all. :))

She actually did pretty well. Once she got in the
water, she was okay.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Memory Monday

I am going to start doing a memory every monday. This week it's the memory of my baby, who is now one year and 2 months old (almost)
I can't believe that time goes so fast, last summer I had a newborn and all my kids got really sick with pneumonia, in the middle of summer. I kept taking them to the doctor and saying please tell me what's wrong with them! They could not figure it out. Finally after a month of being up all night with the baby because he could not stop coughing, I took him back and he (the doctor) told me to take him to the hospital to get some tests done. They did x-rays and some other tests and they came back positive for pneumonia It was crazy! Two days after being on really strong antibiotics, they all stopped coughing! I am so glad that I have wonderful healthy kids. I complain now and then about little things, but I know that I have it all, The Gospel, and my Family and love, that's all I need!

Monday, June 2, 2008

My rectial video would not work so my mom had me play a couple of songs so she could put them on the blog, I hope you like them! From Maddie

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Good job Cameron!

Cameron has done so well with potty training, he's very proud of himself as you can see by this picture. He's also very exited to be going to pre-school in the fall because he's a big boy now. Great job Cam!

More Pictures!

I LOVE sister pictures!
All my boys. Aren't they cute?