Monday, September 8, 2008

Living On a Prayer.

My kids say some pretty funny things, I don't always write them down or remember them. Today, two of my darling kids said some pretty funny things, I thought I would share them!
Cameron has been having trouble taking naps the last few months, but I try to have a quiet time every day. So I put him in his room today and said he could read his books, but he needed to stay in his room. For all of you who know Cameron, this is a difficult task for him. I have to keep putting him back in his room. At one point I went down to do some laundry, when I came back up, he was laying in the hall with his face in his hands, I went to pick him up and take him back to his room but he looked up at me and said "Wait mom, I'm praying"! I just said, "okay, pray in your room."

We have been having a few problems with complaining in our house for a little while, I have been talking to the girls about it and having FHE lessons about it ( any advice is welcome) any way, today after school I was letting Bailey play with some play-dough. I told her it was time to clean it up and I was preparing my self for a whole bunch of complaining. Instead, she said "Okay" I was so happy that I told her how happy it makes me when she doesn't complain. She went on to say, "I know, because when I complain, it makes you have to go and PRAY in your room." I said, as I was laughing, "it sure does."