Monday, June 30, 2008

Memory Monday-Wedding Day

I have been married to Jason for ten years. Our Wedding day was really nice, despite getting separated for almost an hour because of the many weddings that day (64 to be exact) We had a great lunch at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building, and a nice recepiton at a church. It was such a great day. Now we have four lovely children and I could not be happier! The past ten years have been great, we have had our up's and downs of course, but I would not change a single moment. Jason is a great husband and father. I hope we will have many more years of love, fun, and happiness!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Memory Monday--Disney World!

Maddie Bailey and Tigger

The Animal Kingdom Safari Ride

Breakfast with Alice!

The Grand Floridian where we stayed.

I will always remember our trip to Diney world,
we had a wonderful time. I was pregnant with Connor at the time
so I was a little sick and I could not ride all the rides. I did miss my
Cameron so much while I was gone, but he was being well loved at Grammy's house. I hope some day we will go back with the boys. I also want to go on all the fun rides I missed out on.

It's summer time!

Cameron and Connor playing on the bed.

Cameron just learned to ride the trike.
He tells me everyday that he can go faster
than the girls.

Bailey just learned to ride on two wheels.
Go Bailey!

This is the first day of swimming lessons.
I will post a picture on the last day and see how
different they are ( if they are different at all. :))

She actually did pretty well. Once she got in the
water, she was okay.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Memory Monday

I am going to start doing a memory every monday. This week it's the memory of my baby, who is now one year and 2 months old (almost)
I can't believe that time goes so fast, last summer I had a newborn and all my kids got really sick with pneumonia, in the middle of summer. I kept taking them to the doctor and saying please tell me what's wrong with them! They could not figure it out. Finally after a month of being up all night with the baby because he could not stop coughing, I took him back and he (the doctor) told me to take him to the hospital to get some tests done. They did x-rays and some other tests and they came back positive for pneumonia It was crazy! Two days after being on really strong antibiotics, they all stopped coughing! I am so glad that I have wonderful healthy kids. I complain now and then about little things, but I know that I have it all, The Gospel, and my Family and love, that's all I need!

Monday, June 2, 2008

My rectial video would not work so my mom had me play a couple of songs so she could put them on the blog, I hope you like them! From Maddie