Saturday, August 30, 2008

We went to the Copper mines last weekend. Connor loves the backpack, but his legs are getting too long for it.
The kids thought the huge tire was the greatest thing ever!

Bailey and Maddie looking down into the pit. Cameron loved the big huge trucks, he could have stayed and watched them all day. Bailey liked the museum exibits and Maddie liked the science stuff, like looking at the rock and stones through the microscopes.

Life and times of the Attebury's

All dressed up for churchChurch makes me tired!

Connor has a glow worm that he loves named Lovey.
He always brings it to me with a blanket, signing
please. So I wrap it up nice and tight. Today I
wrapped Connor up just like Lovey

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Let's play tag! Olympic 8's

In honor of the Olympic opening ceremony held on 8-8-08 here are my 8's...
*8 TV shows I love to watch: Jon and Kate plus eight, Extreem Home Makeover, Good Things Utah, Oprah, Ellen, Lazytown, Backyardagains Signing Time. (hey, I have kids!)
*8 restaurants I love: Olive Garden, Naborhood Bakery, Subway, Panda Express, Mimi's, Famous Daves, Leatherby's, Apolo Burger.
*8 things I am doing today: Getting 2 girls off to school by 8:15, Cleaning up the house, folding the laundry, supervising Cameron's playdate, making fruit salad for after school snack, taking the girls to piano lessons, eating dinner with my mom, getting 4 kids off to bed by 8:15.
*8 things I am looking forward to: Fall! Kim's Wedding, getting the kids and myself Fall/winter clothes, a possible trip with my husband, school parties with the girls classes, Making bread and soup, Fall, and did I mention Fall? I love Fall.
*8 things I love about summer: Having the kids home, cold treats, the fourth of July/Taylorsville Dayzz, bbq's, Watching the kids play outside and get good and dirty, vacations, and bare feet.
*8 Olympic events I want to see: gymnastics, Swimming, cycling, Diving, volleyball, all track events. ( that counts for 8 I'd say.)
*8 Things on my wish list: New clothes for fall, to get to take a trip with my husband, without the kids, to redo my bathrooms, to paint my up-stairs and my bedroom, for my husband not to have to travel soooo much, to go to San Deigo, to loose 10 lbs, for Maddie's ecxema to get better.
Wow, That took longer than I thought it would!
Okay so I'm tagging: Audrey, Liz, and Christin, (only if you want to.)

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

School Days

Sorry these are in the wrong order, but this is Cam's
first day of Pre-school, his class getting ready to go. He was
so exited that he got to be the first in line.

Maddie started Third grade, so far so good, she likes it a lot! Her teacher
had a death in the family on the second day of school so she was gone for a week. She says her class is a little bit bad, but not Maddie (course not!) :)

Cam again with his back-pack that is so big it almost touches his shoes.
He loves that he can be a big kid like his sisters.

Bailey started First grade. She loves it.
She likes eating lunch at school, but has been a
little on the grumpy side when she gets home. She gets really
tired, it's getting a little less though as the days go by she's
adjusting well.

What happens when you have Big Sisters?

Well, Bailey and Madison decided to play Ballet class with Cameron the other day. That's what happens when you have sisters. If you ask Cameron what sport he want's to play he will usually say dancing. I know this makes Jason a little upset, but what can you do? We will be enrolling Cameron in soccer as soon as possible :). Bailey tells us what happens when you have a baby brother at the end of the video.