Saturday, March 29, 2008

Welcome to Pet Shop World!

Bailey and Madison Love Pet Shops
On this day, Baliey was not feeling well so she was just hanging out in her room. I went to check on her and she had created pet shop world. She said, "Mom will you take a picture of my pet shops and put it on our blog?" I think on the last count they had something around 38 pet shops. They love to take them every where. I find them all around the house, and when I do, I say Bailey, here is a lost pet, he needs a home, could you please take care of this poor little pet? She thinks it's pretty funny. I personaly hope the pet shops stick around for a while, they are cute and fun.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Wheeler Farm

Today we went to Wheeler Farm. The girls were in horse heaven! They love horses and it was so fun for them to touch and watch the horses. They were ready to hope on them and take off. We had a good time watching the amimals and feeding the ducks and riding the wagon ride that is pulled by a tractor. (much to Cameron's delight!)

Easter Morning

Jason with the Kids on Easter Morning. I was taking the Picture. To bad we don't have a tri pod so we can all be in the Picture. Don't worry, we are going to get a new Family picture in April.

This is us (minus Jason who was taking the picture) On Easter Morning before Church. The Easter Bunny Came on Saturday Morning. ( He does this to make Sunday Morning easier and so we can focus on the Savior on Sunday.)