Friday, March 27, 2009

Hiking in Beautiful Zions

We went to Zions and did a little hiking. It was really beautiful and the
weather was perfect. The kids had a lot of fun! A nice change of
pace from the long dreary winter! They loved all the little
caves along the way.

This was on the up hill part of the hike, Maddie was a little tired, but she enjoyed it when it was
a little more flat or down hill.

Connor got a lot of exercise! :)

At the trail head.

What we've been up too!

Bailey tumbling (in mid-cartwheel)

Bailey has been doing tumbling for a few months

she has really enjoyed it and will probably keep going

with it. Here she is doing a stand fall to bridge

(start in standing positon and fall backward into a


Starting Warm ups

Stopping to pose for a picture