Saturday, October 4, 2008

Fuzzy Feety Jammies

I know I already posted twice today, playing catch-up I guess.
I just think that they all look so cute in their Jammies, they are so sweet and snuggly, I just want to squish them!

Las Vegas

Excalibur Hotel where we sayed.
Me and my Aunt Leeann who lives down in Vegas, she treated me to lunch and we walked around and chatted at her house. Below is a picture of the flowers on the celling at the Bellagio.

Last week I got to go with Jason to Las Vegas.
He had to go for work and I begged him to take me with him. I had never been to Vegas before and it was very..hmmm, shocking to say the least. Quite a bit different than our quiet little life. Jason kept asking me if I was okay as we were walking down the strip. :) It was fun and nice to have a break. I think I spent more time in bed reading than I have in 8 years. (Thanks to my Mom- in- law for taking all the kids for the 4 days, it was no small task, I know!)


This is Bailey before her first game.

Bailey running after the ball.
Bailey really loves to play soccer. Her team has yet to win a game, but they are having a great time playing.