Thursday, February 12, 2009

Leesa and Jason Update

I am busy as ever being a Mom. it's not always easy but I love it.
The kids keep me going. I am in Young Women as the Personal
Progress leader, I love getting to know the girls and teaching lessons
When I am asked. I am really exited about the new school my girls will
be going to next year. We get to go back to traditional (instead of year-round)
I feel like they back track so much on year -round, even though I give them
homework everyday while they are off track, they still have to spend 3 weeks
reviewing when they go back because not every one makes the kids work
while off track. They also get to wear uniforms, they are not so exited, but..
I AM! They also get to learn Spanish, starting in first grade, they are exited about that!
I have had a very sick Family this week, Connor Started it with a cold/cough. Then
Bailey got Strep and then Maddie and Cameron got it. But the bad thing was that
They all had Connor's cold and strep on top of it. Connor did not get Strep. Jason came
home from work on Wednesday sick, I thought for sure it was strep, but when he went to
the doctor, it turned out to be Influenza. Thankfully the kids and I got our flu mist in the fall.
But Jason sure is sick, he has been in bed asleep most of the day, he can barely talk with out
having a cough attack, poor guy!
But Jason's new job is still going well. The travel has sure taken some getting used to, I feel like I am getting a little better at handling things while he is away, it's mostly at night that I miss him and his extra hands to help bath and bed kids.
That's all for now, I need some serious sleep!

Family Update

Connor is definetly the baby of the family. He
gets cranky when things are not the way he wants
them, and he has two big sisters that will pretty much
give him what he wants. He is such a mamma's boy
and he will cry until I come and get him. Needless to
say nursery has not gone all that well. He is talking
more and more. I love it when he says "Yep" and
"Ya You" ( love you) He sings the Abc's and a few other
songs that I sing to him and bedtime. Now if we could
only get him off the bottle, it's my fault that he still has it
but now, insists on ba-ba and bakie at bed time. ( bottle
and blankie) oh well!

Cameron is still a busy boy! He will be 4 in May. He does crazy stuff all the time. He loves to disassemble, dirtify and destroy everything. but I still love him to pieces! He is really smart and learned all the ABC'c and sounds and can now sound out his name, good job Cam- Cam!

Bailey in now 7 and becoming toothless! She lost her
fist tooth on New Year's Day. She is loving first grade
and does really well. She also love Piano and Tumbling.
She is now learning back hand springs, she's quite the gym-
nast, it's so fun to watch! Bailey loves life and Learning, she's
an awesome girl!

Maddie is now a spunky 9 year old. She's getting so
tall, she just won't stop growing. She is doing well on
her school work and Piano lessons. She scored in the
top ten percent nationally on the Iowa test in School,
Go Maddie! She now wears retainers on top and bottom
full time, they make her look like a big kid. She still loves
horses and books about animals, and now has a total obsession
with American Girl Dolls. I won't buy her one so she is saving
her money for one. She is Awesome and such a good helper
I love that I can ask her to play with or read to one of the boys
and she is ready and willing. ( for the most part)