Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Schools out!

Maddie and her good freind Kennedy below -and Cute Bailey to the right.

Okay the girls were out of school 3 weeks ago, I just have not posted anything about it. I took these pictures on the last day when we had our celebration water party in the backyard. The girls had a great year! Bailey is now a 2nd grader and Maddie a 4th grader. We are exited about our upcoming adventures at our new school Hawthorn Academy. We will miss all our old friends, but we will make new friends and keep the old for one is silver the other gold!


Karin said...

Hey Leesa, I need your address, so that I can mail you guys a Christmas card. Can you leave it on my blog, or email me at kmsmith@sfcn.org Thanks!

LeeAnneee said...

Happy Birthday, Leesa!!!!