Thursday, June 4, 2009


Seems like April and May are so chuck full of birthdays we are celebrating every week. This is not a bad thing, I like to celebrate, I just can't get to posting pictures on the blog (cuz we are too busy celebrating!) My baby had his second Birthday, this is bittersweet for me he's getting so big and independent, he does not want to snuggle like he used to. He's such a sweet good boy, he likes to just do what ever brother is doing. The big difference is Connor can sit in one place and concentrate on something for a while, and those of you who know Cameron he is rarely in one spot for more than a few seconds. Happy Birthday to my sweet baby boy!
Cameron also had a birthday! He turned four.
He will go to swimming lessons this summer and
then to pre-school. The same lady that teaches
our swimming lessons has an in home pre-school as
well. I know he will have a lot of fun as long as he can learn
to sit still! He's still completely obsessed with mowing the
lawn and is in 7th heaven now that he and Daddy can mow
again. I think he is going to have his own lawn care business
when he grows up. For now I want him to stay my little funny boy!
Happy Birthday Cam-Cam! And to all Family and friends who had
recent birthdays We Love You Happy Birthday!