Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Schools out!

Maddie and her good freind Kennedy below -and Cute Bailey to the right.

Okay the girls were out of school 3 weeks ago, I just have not posted anything about it. I took these pictures on the last day when we had our celebration water party in the backyard. The girls had a great year! Bailey is now a 2nd grader and Maddie a 4th grader. We are exited about our upcoming adventures at our new school Hawthorn Academy. We will miss all our old friends, but we will make new friends and keep the old for one is silver the other gold!

We Love to see the Temple!

We are so very exited to have this new Temple! It is so close to us, about 2 miles away. We went to the open house and it's very beautiful! Jason and I also got the wonderful opportunity to serve in the open house. Jason got to clean the Temple and I got to be an usher ( in the Brides room, so
pretty!) It was a great experience!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Little boys!

I just had a funny conversation with Cameron I thought I'd share!

Me (as I was carying Cameron up to bed): Will you stay little forever?

Cam- no, I want to be big like you.

Me- but don't you want to be my little boy forever?

Cam- No,I want to Drive a car

Me- oh, okay

Cam- Mom, I have to drive a car, so I have to be big!

For the past 2 months I have had to hide my keys or keep them in my pocket and keep the car locked, why? Because Cameron apparently wants badly to drive a car and he will get in and pretend to drive and lately he asks for the keys so he can go start the car. That boy, he's crazy!

Thursday, June 4, 2009


Seems like April and May are so chuck full of birthdays we are celebrating every week. This is not a bad thing, I like to celebrate, I just can't get to posting pictures on the blog (cuz we are too busy celebrating!) My baby had his second Birthday, this is bittersweet for me he's getting so big and independent, he does not want to snuggle like he used to. He's such a sweet good boy, he likes to just do what ever brother is doing. The big difference is Connor can sit in one place and concentrate on something for a while, and those of you who know Cameron he is rarely in one spot for more than a few seconds. Happy Birthday to my sweet baby boy!
Cameron also had a birthday! He turned four.
He will go to swimming lessons this summer and
then to pre-school. The same lady that teaches
our swimming lessons has an in home pre-school as
well. I know he will have a lot of fun as long as he can learn
to sit still! He's still completely obsessed with mowing the
lawn and is in 7th heaven now that he and Daddy can mow
again. I think he is going to have his own lawn care business
when he grows up. For now I want him to stay my little funny boy!
Happy Birthday Cam-Cam! And to all Family and friends who had
recent birthdays We Love You Happy Birthday!

Creative Kids!

These pictures are not the greatest, but I just had to put them up. Maddie likes to play with modeling clay and make little animals and beds for them. They are so cute. Here she made a penguin and her home. a bed and toys and even rugs for the floor. The little penguin even has interchangeable red or yellow bow!

Tee ball

Cameron played Tee ball this spring. I can't say that he loved it but it was good for him to learn the game. Baseball takes a lot of patience! While waiting for your turn to bat and waiting out field for a ball to come your way. Patience is not a real strong point right now for Cam. I'm sure in a few years he will have a lot more fun. That being said, we had a blast watching the funny little boys. They were all so cute!

At the Park

I have never had a toddler so daring as Connor! This park near our house has a very high, very steep slide. Connor goes to the bridge and climbs the steep steps to the high slide and goes right down like it's nothing at all. He is Mr independent right now and wants to do everything himself, he's so funny!

Maddie and Chrissa

Maddie finally got her doll! She worked really hard doing chores at home and at Grandma's house. When her doll came she could hardly contain herself! Now she and Chrissa (doll) are best buddies. She is one happy Girl!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

What happend to Spring????????

It's been so so cold! Bailey and Cameron wanted to go out and play in the rain/snow. They got very muddy and cold!

Running in the puddles!

Now we have about 3 inches of snow (or more) Soccer has been canceld for the next week and I would like to know, what happed to spring?
I don't know if my tulips will make it!!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Hiking in Beautiful Zions

We went to Zions and did a little hiking. It was really beautiful and the
weather was perfect. The kids had a lot of fun! A nice change of
pace from the long dreary winter! They loved all the little
caves along the way.

This was on the up hill part of the hike, Maddie was a little tired, but she enjoyed it when it was
a little more flat or down hill.

Connor got a lot of exercise! :)

At the trail head.

What we've been up too!

Bailey tumbling (in mid-cartwheel)

Bailey has been doing tumbling for a few months

she has really enjoyed it and will probably keep going

with it. Here she is doing a stand fall to bridge

(start in standing positon and fall backward into a


Starting Warm ups

Stopping to pose for a picture

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Leesa and Jason Update

I am busy as ever being a Mom. it's not always easy but I love it.
The kids keep me going. I am in Young Women as the Personal
Progress leader, I love getting to know the girls and teaching lessons
When I am asked. I am really exited about the new school my girls will
be going to next year. We get to go back to traditional (instead of year-round)
I feel like they back track so much on year -round, even though I give them
homework everyday while they are off track, they still have to spend 3 weeks
reviewing when they go back because not every one makes the kids work
while off track. They also get to wear uniforms, they are not so exited, but..
I AM! They also get to learn Spanish, starting in first grade, they are exited about that!
I have had a very sick Family this week, Connor Started it with a cold/cough. Then
Bailey got Strep and then Maddie and Cameron got it. But the bad thing was that
They all had Connor's cold and strep on top of it. Connor did not get Strep. Jason came
home from work on Wednesday sick, I thought for sure it was strep, but when he went to
the doctor, it turned out to be Influenza. Thankfully the kids and I got our flu mist in the fall.
But Jason sure is sick, he has been in bed asleep most of the day, he can barely talk with out
having a cough attack, poor guy!
But Jason's new job is still going well. The travel has sure taken some getting used to, I feel like I am getting a little better at handling things while he is away, it's mostly at night that I miss him and his extra hands to help bath and bed kids.
That's all for now, I need some serious sleep!

Family Update

Connor is definetly the baby of the family. He
gets cranky when things are not the way he wants
them, and he has two big sisters that will pretty much
give him what he wants. He is such a mamma's boy
and he will cry until I come and get him. Needless to
say nursery has not gone all that well. He is talking
more and more. I love it when he says "Yep" and
"Ya You" ( love you) He sings the Abc's and a few other
songs that I sing to him and bedtime. Now if we could
only get him off the bottle, it's my fault that he still has it
but now, insists on ba-ba and bakie at bed time. ( bottle
and blankie) oh well!

Cameron is still a busy boy! He will be 4 in May. He does crazy stuff all the time. He loves to disassemble, dirtify and destroy everything. but I still love him to pieces! He is really smart and learned all the ABC'c and sounds and can now sound out his name, good job Cam- Cam!

Bailey in now 7 and becoming toothless! She lost her
fist tooth on New Year's Day. She is loving first grade
and does really well. She also love Piano and Tumbling.
She is now learning back hand springs, she's quite the gym-
nast, it's so fun to watch! Bailey loves life and Learning, she's
an awesome girl!

Maddie is now a spunky 9 year old. She's getting so
tall, she just won't stop growing. She is doing well on
her school work and Piano lessons. She scored in the
top ten percent nationally on the Iowa test in School,
Go Maddie! She now wears retainers on top and bottom
full time, they make her look like a big kid. She still loves
horses and books about animals, and now has a total obsession
with American Girl Dolls. I won't buy her one so she is saving
her money for one. She is Awesome and such a good helper
I love that I can ask her to play with or read to one of the boys
and she is ready and willing. ( for the most part)

Monday, January 12, 2009

Just thinkin....

I take a supplement called Emergen-C. I have heard that it's pretty much the same as Airborne. I like Emergen-C because it costs less that Airborne, and I think it is tastier, and you don't have to wait for it to melt (or whatever.) I have heard so many conflicting sides to these products. Some say that they don't work at all and have a very strong opinion about it. I have been using Emergen-c for about two years, off and on and mostly in the Fall and Winter. I have not had a really bad cold in these two years, I have had 1 mild cold and this Fall I lost my voice but had no other symptoms. I have two kids in school ( the germ factory) and they have brought home some nasty stuff, I did not get any of it. I really feel like the Emergen-C has boosted my immune system, I used to get sick all the time. is it all in my head that it really works? One more thing I always get a flu shot and so does my family (exept my dear hubby who usually won't) We have never had influenza, Just like the Emergen-C/ Airborne I have heard that people really don't think they work, they work for me, what's the deal, am I just lucky? TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Rock a bye Baby

When I went to take a shower today, I told Maddie to watch over the boys and make sure they stayed in the play room. I was not very long, 15-20 minutes is all. When I came back, there was Connor, hanging in a laundry basket tied to the bowflex with nylons. I was taken back, first by the danger of Connor possibly falling out and second by the great ingenuity of my children. I told Maddie that it was too dangerous and to not do that again, but not before I captured the moment! :) I have been asking Jason to put the Bowflex away or get rid of it because we don't use it, now I think we have the perfect excuse!

Christmas and Family update

Christmas Morning at our house was so nice this year!
We took our time and had a great time. It was snowing like
crazy outside, so we just stayed home for the morning. Then we
went to the Attebury's for dinner. It was a great day!

Connor's new favorite pass time. He gathers all his favorite books
and his 'bikie'(blanket) and he is good for like 10 min. WOW!

The girls and Brinlee (Maddie's friend) after the
Christmas recital.

We put on the Nativity at Grammy's house this year.